We design and
manufacture the best
cannabis packaging
and every day carry
gear in the world.

Our brand, “Green Jay is the travel
accessory we’ve all been waiting for.”


The Zeal Way


Performance & Beauty

Proprietary Design & Technology.  
High Quality Finishes.
Inviting Look & Feel.

Create with Purpose

Environmentally Responsible.
Minimal Footprint.
Reusable, Recyclable, Safe.   

Build Brand Value

Protect and Extend Product Life.
Innovative User Experience.
A Stimulating Story of Cannabis Collaborations.



Our Footprint

We are present in 83+ cities,
5 countries and our
journey continues

Our dynamic growth has allowed us to
expand quickly and leap over continents





"Designed in Portland, Oregon, this joint tube from Green Jay is the travel accessory we’ve all been waiting for. Odor-proof, water resistant, discreet, and durable, the Green Jay is a classy approach to handling one of the most basic consumer needs: transporting a joint."

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"the extra peace of mind that comes from storing your J in an airtight tube that can probably withstand being run over by a small sedan"

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"Your buddy who’s always got a joint in his pocket will thank you for this. If it were the holiday season we’d call this a stocking stuffer, but the bargain Green Jay Single Tube is a child-lock style tube meant to protect your perfectly rolled joint from water and other damage, and keep any lingering scents from seeping out.”

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"The slim, aluminum tube keeps the classic joint safe, dry and in one piece, no matter the condition of your pocket or purse."

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Our Operation

Zeal is globally based
and set to create the 
best platform for
world-class innovation

combining European design,
Chinese manufacturing
and U.S. consumer branding.