Finance Manager


As Finance Manager, Luisa manages the relationships with our accountants in HK, USA and Spain. She leads the budget process, cash flow planning and the long-term business plans for the company. She also supports other areas for projects or business case analysis from a financial point of view.

Luisa has an extensive experience in Corporate Finance, Financial Planning, Business Modelling and Business Development. Her experience has been useful to different types of companies in a broad range of industries, like consumer products, retail, healthcare, IT, giving her a dynamic background of different markets and diverse businesses.

Luisa worked at KPMG in the UK, developing modelling tools to help clients in their decision making for strategy formulation, option analysis, business plans, planning and performance monitoring, refinancing and valuations.

She has also worked in several market entry projects, helping companies like Danone, Nutricia and Natura to enter or expand their presence in Latin American markets.

Luisa was also part of Empresas Polar´s Financial Planning team in its Food Business Unit, Venezuela´s largest and most relevant private sector. 

Luisa holds an MBA from Instituto de Empresas in Madrid. She also has a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela.

Luisa loves to travel, so whenever it is possible, she grabs a bag and go along with her family. She also loves to read, write, and enjoys listening to live music.