Kelly Morgan brings over 30 years of experience in global financial markets to the Zeal team. She has been working as an executive at one of the worlds’ top 10 Banks, with assignments in Canada, throughout the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Mexico.  Kelly is Canadian who has been at the forefront of the Cannabis industry as an active investor since 2014 and has a front seat observing and understanding trends and headwinds from the regulatory, packaging and legislative considerations facing countries as they legalize medical and recreational Cannabis.

Her multicultural experience in financial services has led to a dynamic and highly successful career leading high-performing team to expertly design, lead and implement successful and highly profitable business strategies.

The highlights of her career involved the award-winning marketing (conception to implementation) of a variety of financial products. Kelly’s innovative strategic thinking and analysis has led to highly prosperous Mergers & Acquisitions.  She is also known for her inspiring relationship management and collaboration skills uniquely applied in multi-cultural situations. 

Kelly presently is the owner and President of Morgan Design Concepts Inc. A design firm focused on stylish functional new-to-market design concepts for comfortable enjoyable living.

Kelly holds a FICB from University of Toronto, Marketing degree from York University and has graduated from the University of Western Ontario’s Ivy School of Business with distinction in Strategic Thinking and Global Finance to name a few.

When not designing comfortable and functional living concepts for clients, Kelly can be found traveling the globe, painting and attending Film Festivals.